Intelligent drones

Drones (UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are used today in many areas of the economy to accelerate and simplify work processes. The areas of application of drones are diverse and have great potential for the near future. In addition to the leisure area, drones are used in particular as platforms for measurement technology, aids in search and rescue operations, means of transport for medication or as an instrument for the "last mile problem", surveillance or even small repairs. The areas of application of Drones are very broad and offer numerous advantages.


Support of the fire department and police in rescue operations

Especially in the event of disasters such as fires or floods, drones are used to locate possible victims and to give the fire department and police forces a better overview of the current situation.

Cost reduction

Drones can be equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, e.g. to carry out inspections of electricity pylons. This task usually requires an expensive helicopter crew to carefully inspect each mast. With drones, this task can be done much faster and more efficiently. Intelligent algorithms in the drone recognize damage by themselves and therefore in some cases do not need a pilot.

Agriculture enrichment

The agricultural sector benefits greatly from the use of drones. The highly automated / autonomous aircraft can analyze large fields quickly and reliably. High-resolution cameras and intelligent software built into the drones can identify less productive areas of the fields by constantly taking photos from the air and provide information about potential cultivation areas. This results in a far more efficient income management.

Application scenarios:

  • Inspection and surveillance
  • Carrying out repairs
  • Surveying and cartography
  • Search and rescue operations

Scientific challenge:

Without a doubt, the potential and progress in drone technology is immense, which increases the already broad field of application. Many possible fields of application and research have not yet been developed and offer opportunities to automate further work and make it more productive. In order for drones to carry out operations and missions error-free, certain technologies are required which, for example, enable the collection of large amounts of data. It should be noted that drones must operate safely in singular use and in swarm contexts (Swarm Technologies).


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