- Volume manufacturers with a production capacity of up to 1,500 aircraft models per day
- Manufacturer of the first electric aircraft with type certification from the German Ultralight Flight Association
- Production of Drones for Smart Hobby, Consumer and Commercial Applications


The Sitebots GmbH develops, produces and operates unmanned driving and Flying robots and has been in the increasing in recent years the development and integration of UAS-based total solutions for various applications in the industrial environment as well as in Safety & Security specializes. We produce professional multicopters and driving drones, are development service providers and partners in data acquisition, processing and evaluation. We support you in "Building Information Modeling" and "Digitization in Maintenance" as a supplier of technology, data and solutions for storage and evaluation.


FlyNex offers cloud-based software that maps the processes of planning, flying and analysis for advancements and at the same time enables collaboration within the company or across company boundaries. Thus, a standardized, scalable use of unmanned aerospace systems without extensive previous knowledge is possible.
is made possible. The software is adapted to the needs of customers based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. With Map2Fly, FlyNex GmbH has developed a map service for drones that is leading in use and data depth in Germany.


Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg (WFBB) Cluster Verkehr, Mobilität und Logistik

The German Capital Region plays a pioneering role in the field of mobility – both in industry and logistics as well as in the field of digitalization
The goal of the Transport, Mobility and Logistics Cluster (VML) is to develop and implement innovative products and services from Berlin and Brandenburg for the transport systems of tomorrow. That's why cluster management at Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie and the Brandenburg Invest (WFBB) are lending their support to stakeholders from business and science in networking and developing joint projects at regional, national and international levels.
Five high-growth industries make up the cluster: Automotive; Logistics; Aerospace; Railway engineering and Intelligent transport systems. Compared to other regions, interdisciplinary characteristics and the importance of intermodal transport stand out. Consequently, the cluster's development potential lies in the collaboration between the various industries.

What does DROHNEN-FINDER.COM stand for?
Our network includes a large number of drone service providers, manufacturers and training providers so that interested parties and future customers can get a first impression of the respective range of services.
In addition to the published information, we have stored a catalogue of services for each individual service provider in our management system. Customer inquiries can thus be matched in the best possible way with the capabilities of each service provider. We look forward to receiving your inquiries at



INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, consisting of exhibition, forum & flight zone, is the number one marketplace for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Europe.
It visits a new German city each year in tandem with INTERGEO. The Forum deals with current issues from politics, administration, science and industry.

The Flight Zone in the outdoor zone offers live demonstrations of the various flight systems and thus delivers an all-round experience of products and the market.
With the wealth of potential on offer, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS highlights the wide range of applications for UAS that already exist and provides a glimpse of future markets.

Its forthcoming venues in the years ahead are also internationally renowned exhibition cities, including Frankfurt/Main in 2018, Stuttgart in 2019 and Berlin in 2020.

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS 2018 will be held in Frankfurt/Main from 16th to 18th October.

GEOkomm e. V.-Verband der GeoInformationswirtschaft Berlin/Brandenburg

GEOkomm e. V.

BUTTER AND SALT tech marketing GmbH

Over the past years, Butter and Salt has established itself as a strategic marketing and sales consultancy in the UAS industry. Thanks to the diverse range of assignments from nationally and internationally operating UAS companies, we were able to acquire a wide range of know-how for this market. We are the only service provider to offer industry experience as well as marketing and sales expertise for the UAS market.
As a strategic marketing and distribution consultancy, Butter and Salt supports B2B companies, especially from the UAV industry. By doing this we can act as a full external marketing department, as a strategic partner in any distributional matters or as project management for individual issues. Our operational fields are versatile and cover the whole spectrum of marketing and distribution for technical products. Homepage

nxtbase technologies GmbH


NBt digitized business processes by using modern devices such as smart glasses and merges the corresponding applications on its proprietary platform for integrated digital processes.

This platform is the interface between the requirements of the company and the so-called "WIOTTA" technology and business spectrum: Warehousing, Internet of Things, transportation, mobility, supply chain management, predictive analytics, Robotics, FPV and perspective control of UAS in automated operation for inspection and transportation purposes.(LastMile Delivery, Artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence, AI), Virtual reality (Virtual reality, VR) and Augmented reality (AR)

nxtSuite: enables consistent visual guidance through data glasses in the complete life cycle (Build - Move - serve), maximizing productivity and minimizing errors, and the suite both mobile (nxtSuiteCase) and in the cloud and on is premise available.

nxtBuild. management of production processes support in the operation of machines and documentation in the field of quality control
nxtMove.: warehouse management, inventory, controll of mobile platforms for individual intralogistics (Haenel lift systems).
nxtServe: Troubleshooting and support at a distance. Remote Support with experts

Many large international companies from different industrial sectors nxtBase solutions already in live operation.

nBt was as early as 2013 official Google Glass Approved Sales Channel and has excellent connections to nearly all SmartGlass providers. As a member of the Network for Unmanned Aerial Systems (CURPAS) based in the aerospace center in Wildau and the logistics network Brandenburg (LNBB) is NBt deep in the air - and rooted space. In addition, NBT is on the map Industry 4.0 of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy listed as one of 250 nationwide innovative practical examples.

Ingenieurbüro Zacharias

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