Dr. Jaromir Konecny

Jaromir Konecny ​​learned to read when he was around four years old. At the age of 12 he wrote a crime thriller for his mother.

After attending the chemistry trade school in Ostrava, thanks to chemistry, he ended up in Libya as a fuel expert at the age of 22. He then worked, among other things, as a helper in the canal under the pots in a steelworks in Ostrava and as a ship master for the Czech Elbe-Oder shipping company.

Maira Kussainova - Kazakh-German-University

PhD in soil science. She is a head of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture at the Agritech Hub of KazNARU. Her research and academic curricula focus on agriculture, soil and ecosystem processes and their interactive feedback to biophysical and anthropogenic activities, including precision agriculture and conservation biology, and landscape ecology...

Krzysztof Krystowski - Silesian Aviation Cluster

Krzysztof Krystowski, for many years now, is a manger in the aviation and defense industry. He specializes also in issues related to economic innovativeness and competitiveness. He possesses many years of experience in managing business entities from both the state and private sectors gained in i.a. international concerns...

Malte Jacobsen - Berliner Agentur für Elektromobilität eMO / Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

Malte Jacobsen has been a project manager for innovation topics in the team of the Berlin agency for electromobility eMO, which belongs to the Berlin Business Development Agency Berlin Partner, since 2020. The eMO bundles competencies from business, science, politics and administration, networks actors and supports the development, implementation and marketing of regional, national and international innovation projects in the field of new mobility ...

Dr.-Ing. Janko Petereit

Dr.-Ing. Janko Petereit received his doctorate in 2016 from the Department of Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and has since been managing the Multisensor Systems research group at the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB in Karlsruhe. His research focuses on the development of high-performance autonomous mobile robot systems.

Felix Toepsch - Fraport AG

Felix Toepsch leads Frankfurt Airports program for Urban Air Mobility & Unmanned Aviation within the Aviation division.
He studied Aviation Management in Frankfurt and Xi'an (China) and has an Executive MBA degree in General Management.
The program successfully integrated drones into everyday air traffic at Frankfurt Airport and develops the airports business model for future forms of aviation, especially air taxis and unmanned aircrafts.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Meurer, Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik, CAU Kiel

Thomas Meurer holds a diploma in Process Systems Engineering, a Master degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics and a PhD. From 2005 to 2007 he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Saarland University. In 2007 he became Senior Researcher at the TU Vienna where he habilitated in 2012 to become Associate Professor. Since 2012 he has been Full Professor and head of the Chair of Automation and Control at the Faculty of Engineering at Kiel University...

Elwin Van Herck - Belgian Drone Federation

Elwin Van Herck is president of the Belgian Drone Federation. Since 2012, this federation represents the interests of more than 350 members, mainly professional pilots but also training centres, knowledge institutions, distribution companies and other drone-related businesses. He is also vice-president of the Belgian Civil Drone Council, the Belgian exchange platform for dialogue on technological, operational and regulatory issues that advises the BCAA...

Dr. Holger Friehmelt - AIRlabs Austria

Dr. Holger Friehmelt is director of the aviation institute at FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria, since 2017, and also head of the associated degree program. In parallel, he serves as technical scientific director of the AIRlabs Austrian innovation laboratory, an infrastructure provider for testing UAV. In this role, he is a dedicated promoter of the disruptive technologies around unmanned aerial systems and a strong networking partner in the drone community.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Phiesel

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Phiesel has lead the Unmanned Aviation project group in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) since 2019. The main task of the project group is the safe and fair integration of unmanned aviation in Germany. This includes leading the Federal Government's action plan "Unmanned Aviation Systems and Innovative Aviation Concepts" as well as coordinating changes to national regulations in the field of unmanned aviation.

Dr. Christina Eisenberg - CURPAS e.V.

Dr. Christina Eisenberg has been working intensively on the topic of unmanned systems since 2015. Based on the innovation forum CURPAS (Civil Use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) funded by the BMBF, CURPAS e.V. was founded in 2016. Dr. Eisenberg has been a member of the board since it was founded and has been responsible for the GRW network of the same name since 2017...

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